Membership Obligations

All obligations shall be in accordance with the Chapter Bylaws and Chapter Policies and Procedures


Required hours for Patronesses and Ticktockers are listed below and must be completed in the 2020-2021 year.

Philanthropy Hours

Hour for hour credit is given for philanthropic service hours worked at a philanthropy activity conducted with an approved philanthropy partner.

League Hours

Patronesses and Ticktockers earn league hours when their work is directly related to the functioning of the Oregon Rose Chapter.  Examples of hours include: Chapter, Patroness, Regular or Board meetings; Grade Level Board meetings; Grade Level meetings; Committee meetings or job activities; Training meetings; Chapter events.

Patroness Hour Requirements

  • 15 Philanthropy and 10 League

Ticktocker Hour Requirements by Grade

  • 7th Grade: 15 Philanthropy and 10 League
  • 8th Grade: 15 Philanthropy and 10 League
  • 9th Grade: 15 Philanthropy and 10 League
  • 10th Grade: 15 Philanthropy and 10 League
  • 11th Grade: 15 Philanthropy and 10 League
  • 12th Grade: 10 Philanthropy and 10 League

Meeting Attendance Requirements

A Patroness is required to attend a minimum of 5 Regular meetings. Ticktockers are required to attend a minimum of 5 Grade Level meetings.

Leadership Service Obligations

Each Chapter member shall complete annual leadership obligations.  For our Chapter, this includes: (list what is included in your Chapter Leadership Service Obligations Policy)

Financial Obligations

Annual Dues for 2020-2021

  • Patroness (mother)   $120
  • Ticktocker (each participating daughter)   $50
Annual Event Fees
Per person  $50
One Time Entrance Fee
Paid only in the first year of membership
Patroness  $50
Ticktocker  $50
*Please note that each class collects dues not exceeding $45 per Ticktocker per year to cover expenses and the senior recognition project in their final year.
A  Provisional (first year) Patroness with one Ticktocker   $310

(add $140 for each additional Ticktocker)

*Note Subject to change for 2020-2021